On A Sh*tty Day Like Today

I wish I could throw in the towel.

Yep. I said it.

And I’ll say it again: I wish I could just quit.

I won’t of course. I’ll never give up. I’ll continue to dedicate every day of my life to build this business from the ground up.

But sometimes when you’re having a shitty day, when everything is going wrong, and you’re thinking  what the hell did I get myself into, it feels good to fantasize about just walking away from it all, catching a plane to somewhere warm, and caring about nothing and no one but yourself.

I don’t feel bad about having these fleeting thoughts, because they’ll never come to fruition, and because I deserve a self-indulgent daydream here and there damnit. We all do.

Anyone who has poured their heart, soul, money, life, reputation, everything into a business knows the overwhelming feeling of being locked in to it, because they’ve actually gone all in. Not to mention the constant and gripping fear of failure because everyone expects nothing less than superstar success from you.

So I don’t feel bad when I have a moment of get me the hell out of here, (and yes I mean my own business).

And neither should you.