Part 2 - Unmeasurable Benefits

Continuing on from Part 1:

"What if we asked small business owners: 'What has been your best moment so far?” or “What are you most excited about?'"

The only trouble I have with answering these questions is I wouldn’t know where to start, or which of the many satisfying moments to pick.

As a coworking space owner, I am blessed to interact with a variety of people on a daily basis with professional backgrounds ranging from art and design, to nonprofit and political, teachers and students, lawyers and accountants, salespeople and consultants, and so many more.

I get to witness their passion for their work, watch them achieve their goals, study to ace an exam, grow their business, or pursue their side project until its large enough to be a business.

But wait, there’s more.

I learn from them. We become friends. They help me sort through the ideas in my head, and give honest feedback. They make work fun, and that 5 o’clock glass of wine a much-needed reprieve, before we all go back to working.

Then there’s the community outside of our coworking space. I purposely setup shop in a highly-residential neighborhood with a healthy mix of small businesses: a pizzeria-sports bar, corner market, bike shop, and your trusty state farm agent.

We have large windows along our entire front wall and on a daily basis I am waved at by families and children, the postman, the crossing guard, people with dogs, people with multiple loud barking dogs, the guy who sells hats and scarves, and my personal favorite because he doesn’t come around often but when he does it’s like winning the lottery: the tamale guy.

"Becoming a small business owner has allowed me the opportunity to meet hundreds of people in my neighborhood and changed my mentality."

from ‘transient urban dweller’ to ‘resident.’

I’m now someone who scrolls through EveryBlock reading hyper-local news, and gets excited when a post about finding missing keys is gleefully responded to by the person who lost them.

When I launched my business I thought I had planned for everything (which any entrepreneur can attest is impossible to do), but I never anticipated the incredible experiences and personal fulfillment brought about simply by interactions with other people.

So next time someone asks me how things are going and “Are you profitable?” I’ll gladly say, well that’s none of your business, but I’m certainly having a good time!